Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a safe & blessed Christmas Day!
We will be sharing it with my family today at my Grandma's!! I'm so excited!
Later we will return here to have Christmas with our kiddos & then to my dad's house this evening.
Everyone enjoy your day with your families!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Scrapbookers Needed!

Please read this family's story. A member of my Ebay group brought it to our attention. It really touched my heart! So sad when a mom so young is so ill. I know the scrapbooking community is a really caring group of ladies. If you can make even 1 scrapbook layout & donate it, do. Yes it is a busy time of year - I know! But I'm going to try & take the time to do this. You will be blessed in return! Please pass it on to other scrappers you know.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few more Ebay listings.....

FREE shipping on all of these! :)
Christmas Page Set

Winter/Snow Scrapbook Page Set

Set of 2 - Black Tear Bears!
If there is anything you would like to see - just let me know! :)

Is there anyone else BUT Elmo???

Is there really anyone cuter than Elmo?
I made this felt ornament for Dreagan for the Christmas tree - he loved it!
I used black brads for the eye center - no way I could cut out such a tiny circle!
I used a coloring page I found on the net for my pattern. :)
Not fancy or perfect but hey - it works for a 2 year old & it's good enough for me! :)

Quick last minute gifts to make!

I sat down the other night & made some ornaments!
The penguins are going to be given to Sunday school teachers along with some note card sets - that I still need to assemble! LOL!
SOOO easy & fast to make! I used paper piecing patterns from
I cut out my pieces from felt & glued them together with Fabric Tac (easy to find at Walmart & craft stores).
The eyes are french knots. (And the sprinkles on the tree cookie.) I've never been able to stitch a decent french knot, but did a search on the net & found a video & it was SUCH a help! :)
I did cut a 2nd body piece to cover my stitches from the eyes & to sandwhich the ribbon in for hanging.
These went very fast -I made them while watching tv.
Have fun!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Icey Roads! YUCK!

Our weather today turned out VERY icky! The roads are pretty slick out! And the wonderful mention of what's to come makes me shiver - in more ways than one! Snow (not so bad) & then freezing rain & ice! - not so good! But thank the Lord we do have a nice warm home & still have electricity - for now. I am just keeping those in my prayers who don't - been there done that!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

NEW Paper Piecing CD at Myscrapchick - My Fairy Bears Garden!

This is a MUST have girls! These are just SO adorable!! If & when the winter storm hits here, I'm ready! This is what I'll be working on! :)

I'll post some pic's next week when I get some done! Love them!!! :)

Great job Kristi & Val! Another winner!! :)

Brrr baby it's COLD outside!

I can't believe the wind today! It is just making it even more cold! Supposed to have a winter storm moving in tomorrow night! I feel for those who are in the ice storms & without power! We went thru that - TWICE - last year here in MO. Bless DH! Just a day or 2 before the 1st one hit, he stopped on his way home & had to buy a generator! We were able to stay warm & use the mircowave at least! We plugged the frig & our cell phones in to keep them going too. Not looking forward to going thru that ever again!

Free GSD & WPC cutting files!

Looking for some free GSD or WPC cutting files? Make sure & visit :

Jo is a sweetie to share! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't they grow SO fast! This is one of my favorite pic's of Dreagan & Jake! Best buds! Everything Jake does you can be sure Dreagan is going to try it too! :)

More recent work..

I LOVE this set of pages! I made these awhile back - they are still my favorite! Maybe someday - I'll make something for me! :) I made the little girls using patterns from!

Another passion! Paper Bag Albums! These are so fun to make! :)

Wonderful Paper Piecing Pattern website!

I am the DT leader for an AWESOME website! If you love paper piecing, you've got to check it out!

There is LOTS of new things coming there in 2009! I've only seen a few & so excited to see what Kristi & Val are going to come up with next! Make sure & pop into the idea gallery & see what cool projects the design team have come up with!

When you go to the website - don't forget to sign up for the newsletter! Each Friday, Kristi sends out the newletter with a Friday Freebie! That's right - FREE! You can't beat that now a days! :)

New changes for the new year!

I have decided a new year - a new change! :) For one - I have GOT to keep up with my blog! lol! I'm going to change over my website to more handmand items - that's where my passion is! :) Hubby is so supportive! Bless his heart - I am not computer savy & he is going to have alot more work on my website to do! He's so good at web design - I could never do that!