Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scrapbook Paper Piecing Page Set

What is a scrapbook paper piecing page set??

I had someone ask me that question awhile back. I thought I would post pic's of an example. This is a page set I made & sold in the past.

The first 2 pictures are all the goodies the customer received in the set. All the mats, title & paper piecing bears were already assembled:

And these pages were just an example of one way the goodies could all be arranged on the pages.

I love how the page sets are more versitle for the scrapper ~ verses premade scrapbook pages. They are also fast & easy to put the pages together with too!

Have a great Saturday & Happy Scrappin'! :)


  1. Love this page set leann...your little girl bear is soo cute! Did you make the Yo-yo's? they look perfect..those little buggers are so hard to make.. :o)

  2. Thanks Kristi! Yes ~ I made the yoyo's. They can be a little time consuming, but I love making them! :)